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Security Meets the Internet of Things!

Talk by Prof. Dr. Joachim Posegga
Chair of IT-Security, University of Passau, Germany

Life at the University of Passau, where Security Meets the Internet of Things.

Abstract: The presentation has two objectives: firstly to give an overview of the  University of Passau and its Department of Mathematics and Computer  Science, second to present some of Prof. Posegga's research activities in IT security. In particular, he will address his projects on the Internet of Things (IoT), a technology that is based upon embedded systems and ubiquitous computing on one hand, and on Web-protocols on the other hand.


اطلاعات بیشتر: manshaei@cc.iut.ac.ir
زمان: 17 دی ماه 1392، ساعت 10 صبح، سالن اجتماعات دانشکده برق و کامپیوتر

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